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sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

Embrace of Thorns "Praying for Absolution"

Another release that maybe passed unnoticed through many people is the latest Embrace of Thorns's "Praying for Absolution" released last year. With it, Embrace of Thorns, continue their path to total devastation, delivering 13 tracks of some of the best Black/Death made out there. I must tell you that this is no "Atonement Ritual", even the artwork isn't as cute, but don't get me wrong, this album sweats more blackness, darkness than its predecessor. Another thing in this album is the amount of interludes, it can be cool at a first auditions but after hearing it for quite some time, we tend to skip them to the real deal, the songs. Nuclear War Now has some interesting versions of this album so check them out here.

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