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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

The Hunt "The Hunt" LP

The Hunt are a Hardcore/Crust/D-Beat band from Perth, Australia. They're said to be influenced by such bands as Tragedy, Fall Of Efrafa and Buried Inside. This is an "alternate"/earlier mix of their debut LP, made available for free download by their former guitarist (the final version would be re-mastered, with many of his guitar parts removed). The album is presented here as two gapless tracks, symbolizing the two sides of a vinyl LP. It is designed to be listened to as such, with the songs fading in to one and other to create a cohesive full-album experience. I've already posted the band's Demo here on FxC, but this LP sounds a hundred times much better, i had to split each side into separated files, so be sure to grab both. This heavy crust that The Hunt play is really awesome. It will be available soon on vinyl, although i can't tell you when it will come out or how you may get it, when i found out, i will drop a line in the comments of this post. Fans of the heavier and corrosive side of crust, like Masakari, Fall of Efrafa or Black Ships must give this a listen. Excellent material here. The hunt is on.. Recommended.

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  1. Here is the track list:

    1) Emptiness
    2) Golden Calf
    3) Shrine
    4) Mourning
    5) Enslaved
    6) Australia Failed You
    7) Buried
    8) Unmarked Grave


  2. have seen these guys play live a few times, good band. didn't know they had already recorded the LP, cheers for the link.

  3. It's in HD man :) Even though i still see people getting 1 part of this only...

  4. †HAXAN†, dude, could you please convert it into mp3 and share?
    Cause you know, my player doesn't play m4a, furthermore i can't even listen to it on my pc.
    The converters i tried don't work, no matter if it's an installed or an online one.

    1. I've only seen your comment now, by some reason it went right into the "Spam" inbox... sorry. Ok, i'll do that as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

  5. File updated! Now in Mp3. Please notice that are two mp3 files, no separated tracks.