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sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Distant Wreck "Grief"

It's been a while since i've posted some Hardcore here on FRVR CRSD, so i think it's about time to post some quality hardcore in order to wash your ears from all of that Black and Death Metal i've been posting lately. This is a band i discovered last night while i was surfin' on Bandcamp, Distant Wreck, from Melbourne. Having joined many of the countries finest bands on stage (Carpathian, Miles Away, Break Even, Hopeless) as well as internationals Shai Hulud and Ruiner; Distant Wreck are now ready to make their presence known as a band who holds their own. They have just released "Grief". Described as a cross between the stripped back "less is more" approach of Have Heart with the dark and metallic tones of Cleveland inspired bands like Shipwreck A.D. Distant Wreck hold the ability to move in any direction they desire while maintaining their own sound. This is quite refreshing, specially after all that flood of "dark crust blackened hardcore" type bands. Fans of Carpathian, The Carrier and Go It Alone, should really get into this. The album is available for purchase here. Follow their activity here

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  1. Such an amazing sound. Love this style of hardcore. Fucking emotional bloodletting at its finest.