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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

Fvck Mountain "EP"

Another promising act coming from Australia. From Brisbane arrives Fvck Mountain, a young band playing this blend of Hardcore, Crust and Powerviolence. This is i believe, their first EP out and judging by the quality of the songs, the result is beyond average. You can tell this band has made their "homework" correctly and the conjugation of all of their influences culminates in a very good result. The production of this EP is great, it has that kind of sound that might bring to your mind bands like Full Of Hell, Baptists or other bands that fit in that catalogue. In general it's pretty cohesive. These boys still have a long road ahead, but in my opinion, for starters, they have achieved something here that is really great. If songs like "Second Chances", "Disconnect" or "Gifts" don't make you move, then you must be already dead. Check them out and stalk them here.

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