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quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012

Split Cranium "Split Cranium"

Split Cranium is the new old-school crust punk/hardcore quartet helmed by ex-Isis mainman Aaron Turner, now of Mamiffer, and Jussi Lehtisalo of longtime Finnish shapeshifters Circle and Pharaoh Overlord. Their self-titled debut LP, out March 20 via Hydra Head, is an invigorating pile of hyperspeed riffs, d-beats, raw full-throttled vocals, and the occasionally epic noise detail. The fact of having A.Turner on this will probably sell itself to you immediately. I don't know why, but from what i've seen in other projects of this kind, i have this feeling that this won't last much, maybe they'll prove me i'm wrong. Meanwhile you can say you're the proud owner of a physical copy, buy it here.

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