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sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

Guidelines "Guidelines" EP

Here is a cool request i received some days ago (by the way, to all you guys who have sent me material, you have not fallen into oblivion) on my mailbox. Guidelines are a hardcore/punk/screamo band from New Jersey presenting their new self titled EP that consists on 4 tracks of new and fresh material.

The sound of Guidelines distinguishes itself within the genre and that is precisely what caught my attention for this release. Their sound just doesn't conform to any schema or skeleton. The voice is very abrasive and could almost fit into any subgenre of black metal, but beyond that there are all over the EP, constant explosions and unexpected riffs that throw us against the wall with their sound waves in which the band outline their design, all of that transpires simple but honest and emotional raw screamo. In fact, despite being a genre that by now it doesn't say much to me, this EP did not fail to impress me. Guidelines are a young band who give their heart and soul in what they do and that is evident in their music. We must continue to respect and admire this new generation of artists who follow the guidelines of those classic icons within the genre. An EP that certainly cannot to be missed by fans of the genre.

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