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quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Dark Elite "Enter The Void"

Another good surprise for the year is this self released EP "Enter the Void" by the mysterious Finnish black metal band Dark Elite.

Formed by T.Honkanen - Guitars, H.Hyytiäinen - Bass, E.Keränen - Vocals and E.A - Drums, this mysterious elite has crafted, within the stars and dark cosmic universes, a very interesting piece. Musically speaking, Dark Elite's sound floats around some black/death metal like their Finnish brothers in arms, Desolation Shrine, unleashing five tracks filled with some very serious and powerful cosmic blackness, swallowing into this pitch black universe of a well orchestrated chaos. The sound production is great, absolutely professional giving this EP one of the factors why you should hear it. Great structured songs, i specially enhance the track "Sic Itur Ad Astra", which is the perfect example of what this band is capable of. I also must give credit to E.Keränen, for a fabulous vocal work on this EP, giving a more tenebrous and malefic aura to the whole environment on  "Enter the Void". The band has a very interesting website, you can check out here, that allows you absorb this whole experience as a whole superb concept. These guys are on to something. Let's wait and see what the stars tells us.

Meanwhile, the band is giving this amazing EP for free, check it out and follow their steps here or  here. Don't sleep on this one. Recommended.

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