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segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2013

Act of Impalement "Hyperborean Altar"

Act of Impalement are a relatively new band coming from Nashville, U.S. They play this interesting fusion of sludge, doom, crust and punk. "Hyperborean Altar" features a total of seven (very good) tracks where the band manages to balance perfectly the gloomier side of sludge/doom with the fury of punk/crust moving, even at some points, into darker territories of black metal. Their sound has a really evil and occult vibe floating around it that I like a lot. Like for example, in the opening track "Necromancer's Theme". It sounds really obscure and nefarious as the voice dwells in the midst of this filthy and foggy barrage of sludgy riffs, summoning the most evil of the necromancers. The tracks dwell from slow, to mid-paced, to fast, giving them an interesting rhythm not boring the listener at all. Act of Impalement know what they do and how to do it. Although nothing ground-breaking here, I've really enjoyed this release. It turned out a very pleasant listening from the beginning to the end. Although there are many bands out there getting into this style, I really like the most occult side of Act of Impalement, maybe there lies their secret to success? The answer lies in the future. In the meantime, check them out. Good stuff.

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