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domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

Vuimago "Vurahva"

Raw and primitive black metal coming from the Netherlands. Vuimago's "Vurahva" introduces a very abrasive and thick wall of noise coming out from the harsh guitar sound, that cuts through a very primitive and DIY kind of production. The vocals are just out of this world as the drum makes its appearance in a very camouflaged way in the midst of the recording. According to the info on Bandcamp, "Vurahva" was recorded on the 29th of January 2011 and mixed and mastered during August 2014. All material improvised and recorded in one take. "Vurahva" will be released on cassette at the end of 2014 by Nebular Carcoma Records. Powerful and good stuff.

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  1. The cassette version of Vuimago's "Vurahva" is now available at Nebular Carcoma Records: