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terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

Bands You Should Be Hearing Pt.VI - Bleak June

Greetings! Been digging through the underground and this is what I've found.

First we get Erraunt, a mysterious one man act created by Oneiric. I really enjoy everything here. From the image of the artwork to the sound itself. There isn't much distortion here, no inverted crosses, no thunderstorms of goat blood. No. Just this ethereal, mysterious, magical and original kind of black metal atmosphere that Oneiric successfully creates with "The Portent". The tracks are really amazing. From the opener "Emerald Vision" which leaves me completely mesmerized as I stare into that artwork, passing through the instrumental "At the Docks" (that transports us to some distant, dreamy landscapes) to "The Portent" this is really one of a kind. Judging by the quality here, I truly believe we will see Erraunt added to some very well known label soon. Look forward for a physical format to be released. Will grab this one for sure.

Eigenlicht are a black metal band from Olympia, Washington, that introduces us their first Demo entitled "Sacral Regicide" compost by two track only, in a total of almost 23 minutes. Eigenlicht's sound is quite interesting. They blend black metal with death metal but, to me, what really stands out (besides the quality of the music here) is the use of keyboard. It's hard not to bring some comparisons to the band False.. you know: female vocals, the keyboard and all the song structure, really kinda reminds me of them. But... This Demo is really, really good. The only negative aspect here is really the lack of more tracks. Keep an eye on this band. With a handful of good tracks and with the right studio sound production.. bliss.

Cicuta, a very unknown act related to the Norwegian underground label Obscure Propaganda. There isn't much info about this band out there, so the best thing is for you to hear "Apiaceae & Algae" and reach your own conclusions. Cicuta's sound is all about long, almost droney, hypnotizing kind of riffs that extend and swirl into this toxic haze of atmospheric black metal. The vocals are barely noticeable unless you have well trained ears. A very different yet interesting approach here for those who are in love with the void.

Also from Obscure Propaganda, comes another interesting release from the band Ys. Delivering only two tracks, that together reach around half an hour, "Vast" introduces us some good mid-paced black metal with some really harsh and haunting vocals. Nothing mind-blowing or innovative here but still very, very dark... and I think that's what matters.

Next is Nahtrunar, from Austria. Nahtrunar brings us that classical approach to a more Northern European black metal as we know it. Very good atmosphere, great recording and great fucking tracks with riffs that will haunt you for days. Cold, grim and evil. The way it should be. A conceptual album that serves several interludes between songs, dedicated to the nights at the turn of the year, known as “Rauhnächte” in old European customs and traditions. A CD is planned to be released very soon by Altare Productions from Portugal. Good stuff.

Sekte from the Netherlands, introducing us "Six rites in the praise of the beauty of Death" as described by the band on their Bandcamp. Well.. from those six, there's only five there, so... I guess one of them was probably absorbed by "Rite I" that has 26 minutes length while the other tracks last around from 7 to 8 minutes. Dark, raw, ritualistic black metal filled with the stench of death all over. Only true fans of the genre and devotees to black magic will truly appreciate this offering. I need to get this.

Now this next one is probably one of my favorites for this year, since it has been playing non-stop almost every week. "Chapter II: The Ritualist" by Shaidar Logoth, a black metal band, for those who don't know, is formped by S.H. (ex-Iron Thrones) and A.C. (Wolvhammer and also ex-Iron Thrones). Now these guys have been around from 2010, but only know my attention was caught by this EP. It basically just took one listen to that first track "Drink Thine Wretched Wine" for me to be totally surrendered to the whole thing. Entrancing and powerful are the words that come immediately to my mind when I seek words to describe this EP. It's like plunging into revolving dark waters and not knowing what menaces lies underneath. You really have to listen to this. Really. I would hate to throw comparisons to some well known bands out there. Get into this. Now. A tape is about to be released by Sol Y Nieve if I'm not mistaken..

This one is still hot... Vindkast is probably just an unknown name for you. For now. But I see a bright future for this German band. In the last years we've seen very good acts coming out of Germany like Unru, Sun Worship and most recent case, Antlers. So this might be another case study for what is happening up there. Fans of the bands I mentioned, MUST check this band out. Great epic atmospheric black metal forged in total Darkness. Check them out.

And I saved some of the best for last. Another great album that has been playing in a almost daily basis is the debut album from Antlers (doooooon't mistake them for that indie band or whatsoever who goes under the same name). Antlers are a band from Germany as well, Leipzig, whose members also play in some known acts like Sangre De Muerdago and Ekkaia. At first I thought this was going to be another post black metal act from Germany, bla bla bla... and after a first listen, boy... I was sooo wrong. Right after the intro "Reverence" I got my chest literally ripped apart by "Carnival Of Freedom And Betrayal" that is one of the best tracks featured here. The balance of the aggressiveness with some melodic riffs is fucking epic. Another huge favorite is "Hundreds", i just love the epic rhythm that this song goes by and the lyrics just fucking slay me... Antlers created a fine black metal opus with "A Gaze Into The Abyss". A modern black metal album that pledges allegiance to Gaia with deeper roots in the most classical Northern Black metal influence. An album that easily could've been made in grim Norway or even Finland. Amazing. A must-buy for this year. Highly Recommended.

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  1. this is a fucking killer list, my friend...looking forward to checking these out.

  2. Awesome list, mate. Digging Antlers, Erraunt, Shaidar Logoth right now. If you would like to hear some stuff like that check XOdiumNostrumX channel on youtube.

  3. Funcking list. Marvelous list. ¡Thank very much!


    1. Thank you dear anonymous, somehow the previous link vanished.. that's what happen when you try to edit Blogger from an iPad. Fuck the machines.

  5. The Erraunt cassette is now available