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terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2014

Northward "IJsgang" EP

"IJsgang", the final breath of the now defunct dutch black metal band Northward. It's sad because I really enjoyed the work of Northward. Their 2010's demo, "In Sturmes Wind" was a fine piece of cold and amazing horrid black metal blizzard, that played almost everyday since I got the tape. "IJsgang" EP is a great way of ending, in full glory with this remarkable piece. Soundwise, there's a huge step from what we've heard in "In Sturmes Wind" but still it can be easily identified as Northward's sound. I love all tracks on this EP but I specially love the tracks, "IJsgang" and "Stroming". So, so good.

The tape is available through Zeitgeist Publishing, a label that has the gift to always surprises us with their amazing packaging and impeccable good taste when it come to layout design for all of their releases. The tape for "IJsgang" EP is no exception. Limited to 88 copies only, this is truly a "must-have" for every black metal fan and tape collector. Get it here.

Let us hope that the future brings us new and exciting projects from the ex-members of Northward. Hail to them!

You can also download the 2010's "In Sturmes Wind" excellent Demo here, courtesy of the band as well for the link below.

Thank you.

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