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sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

Threshing "Threshing"

Another great offering that landed in my inbox in the past days. Threshing, a doom band from Tallahassee, Florida introducing their self-titled EP. These songs were recorded live in town by David Settle of Ex-Breathers. The field recordings used on the album were recorded on documentary film jobs by member drummer Joe. Some cool buddhist chants and windy docks adding to the overall abysmal feel of the album. After a first audition I was really pleased with it. All of the elements result really well as a whole. The sound quality is quite good too, keeping in mind it's a live performance coming from an actual underground and unknown band. The tracks themselves are really great, starting with the sluggish and melancholic instrumental "Church Warden", to the sorrowful, painfully dragged "Dross" to the evil and haunting yet amazing "One or Several Wolves?". I really can see a bright future for Threshing. If they keep on delivering like this, soon they will be on the mouthes (in a good way) of every doom fanatic. I really loved this sample, it's one of those releases that I will surely be hearing on the next few days, weeks! Recommended for fans of: Bell Witch, Alkahest, Batillus. 

Stream it, or download it, below.

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