† And then the Curse swept the Earth

domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Cursed Altar "The Light Shall Die"

"The Light Shall Die" is probably Cursed Altar's most angry, pissed, heavy material to date. The band seems to try something new from time to time, they took a giant leap from what we've heard on their Demo back in 2011. I'm all into favor of evolution and progression in music, as long as the band keeps putting the stake up high, delivering new and interesting music. In "The Light Shall Die"we face new aspects in sound. It's way more raw, capturing that almost "live" sound and the vocals are simply brutal, just listen to "Broken Backs and Crippled Words" for example, there's black metal of course but I also feel some doom or I dare say, some death metal vibes here. On the other hand, "Once Again I am Defeated" drinks up from the influences of punk and crusty hardcore (I'm fine with that). I really enjoyed this new turn on Cursed Altar, and my advice is for them to keep up along this path. The negative aspects on this release? The tracks are way too short. More please.

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