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sábado, 3 de maio de 2014

Serpents Lair "Demo MMXIV"

Fresh new black metal straight from Denmark. Serpents Lair are a "mystery band" that make their first appearance straight from nowhere with their "MMXIV" demo. I really feel some Svartidauði and some Deathspell Omega influence here and besides that Serpents Lair sound reminds also a bit of Iceland's Carpe Noctem.

When you'll listen to both track on this Demo, you'll see what I mean. When I started hearing the tracks, I was afraid this was another copy-cat of the bands aforementioned, but the more I sank into them, the more I felt this is really Serpents Lair sound and identity. And to be honest, I really like their sound, the whole construction of the tracks, the whole unexpected turns within the tracks, from a more slow and agonizing moments to a crescendo of brutality that leads into pure misanthropy.

Great debut from Serpents Lair, look forward to hear more from them in a near future. Besides that, a shout-out to all labels, the band is seeking someone interested in releasing this great Demo in physical format (tapes specialized labels take note!) so, if you're interested, get in touch, follow Serpents Lair through their Facebook page.

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