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quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

Prison of Mirrors "Until We Find The Hive"

Prison of Mirrors, a U.S one man black metal project by Nick Brandt, left some good impressions with the release of his self titled album back in 2011. This year he's back with "Until We Find The Hive", a remarkable work that reflects a huge evolution from what we've heard before in Prison of Mirrors. This new album shows us a more intense and consistent sound that we can hear on tracks like "Staring Into The Middle Distance" and "To Keep Away The Vultures" that have that black metal ferocity of bands like Ash Borer, while tracks like "Until We Find The Hive" and "Spilled By Savages" are way more atmospheric and seem to fit into a style pretty much à la Wolves in The Throne Room. A very cohesive, and at the same time, eclectic album that will definitely surprise the most skeptical of black metal aficionados. An album not to be missed by fans of the genre.

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