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quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2014

Schönesende "Escape from Evil"

Schönesende, although the name suggests it might come from Germany, Austria or another german-speaking country, is a one man black metal act hailing from the UK. "Escape from Evil" is his first Demo although (from what I've read in the band's Facebook wall) it seems that a full-length album is coming out very soon. Featuring one track only, that clocks almost 12 minutes length, "Escape from Evil" is a very solid track, well played, well produced, with a very solid concept around it, introducing that polished post black metal sound that fits in the same bag of the new contemporary breed of european black metal acts such as Unru, Sun Worship or Paramnesia. If you're familiar to all of these bands, then I must strongly suggest you to check Schönesende out. And keep your eyes open for what the future will bring, hopefully, soon. Follow the band here for updates and check the Demo below,

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