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sábado, 12 de outubro de 2013

Afterwalker "Afterwalker"

While browsing my playlist, trying to organize it and stuff, I was face to face with this very nice release from Afterwalker, the solo project of D.P.Pearce of Kigo. To be honest with you guys, I've never heard of him or Kigo. But it doesn't matter. D.P.Pearce is the whole master-mind here and he basically does everything: the guitars, bass, synth, vocals, recording and mixing. The result is quite interesting. Very mesmerizing and mysterious atmospheric black metal, so don't be scared and run off when you first hear "Callus", the first track, entirely played acoustically even featuring some piano too. My favorite tracks here are "Left to Burn" and "The Dweller", i really dig the atmosphere of these tracks. The whole balance between that evil and more melodic side of black metal on "Left to Burn" is just perfect, very Drudkh-esque but played in a more raw and harsh way. While "The Dweller", reminds me a bit of Tardigrada, that i personally love. I just think that D.P. should bet more on this type of sound and tracks. Really good stuff. The Demo is available as "name your price" on the artist Bandcamp. Worth a listen for sure.

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