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quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013

Nomadic Rituals "Holy Giants"

Nomadic Rituals are a recent doom/sludge metal band coming from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This 3-piece, bring in their luggage a fucking heavy debut album entitled "Holy Giants" and holy crap... this sounds exactly like music for giants. The tracks are heavy as fuck, proving us that once in a while there are great sludge/doom acts coming from northern Europe. Specifically from Ireland, where the scene appears to be very small when it comes to this genre. Shit... I can only think of names like the disgusting Wreck of the Hesperus, De Novissimis and another recent case, Tome. So, Nomadic Rituals, we all welcome you. Please smash our skulls with your powerful sludge/doom sledgehammer.

The production of "Holy Giants" is excellent, very professional and the sound speaks for it self. Just adjust the volume up when you play "Don't Fuck with Giants"... the ground will shake as slow and heavy riffs strike from above nailing us down to the ground. Almost as if they're being played in slow motion. As we all know, when it comes to doom/sludge, the tracks don't evolve too much, and here in "Holy Rituals" there's no exception. Everything here is about weight, as the music is played 90% of the time, very, very slow. A very great album for you to discover. Buy it, stream it, download it. Just play it loud. Recommended for fans of Zoroaster, Abest, Bädr Vogu, etc.

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