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sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014

Dying Sun "Transcendence"

Dying Sun are a atmospheric sludge metal band formed initially in 2008. They started as a duo, inspired by acts like Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Wolves in the Throne Room and The Angelic Process. "Transcendence" is their third release and latest full-length. With 8 tracks totaling 50 minutes, "Transcendence" represents the continuing evolution and distillation of the band's blend of atmospheric doom, melodic riffing and electronic ambience. 

As the first track, "Generating The Sphere" begins, I really wasn't prepared for what came next. It feels like we are suddenly thrown into a huge storm right in the middle of the ocean where the riffs are the colossal and heavy waves that crushes us. During the almost 10 minutes that this track lasts, we are constantly thrown from one side to the other due to the whole magnitude of power that surrounds us. I must point out that the clever use of electronic ambience really enhances the whole epic feel we get in this opening track, that is clearly one of the best here.

With "The Night Sky" the deluge continues, as the vocals almost spew their lungs out in the midst of this thick atmosphere. But not all is chaotic and brutal, there are still moments where the band offers us quiet times with "Dead", "The Weight Of Time" and the acoustic "We Don't Belong Here". 

Dying Sun's sound is heavy yet melodic. Their sludgier facet isn't dirty enough like most bands in the genre, instead it is quite polished so I guess it crosses the border to a more "post-metal" territory. The influence of Neurosis is very clear but also, the whole dramatic, cinematic atmosphere presented here reminds me a lot of the band Eyes of Fire. But in Dying Sun's sound there is also a big slice of doom metal, although it's not that dark, mournful type of doom. Here we get a more dramatic, melancholic style of doom. And yet in the middle of this, they still manage to deliver great atmospheric sections within' some of the songs like "Generating The Sphere", "Dead" and the beautiful closing track "Transcendence (Leaving)"

"Transcendence" revealed to be a very eclectic album, all the tracks are different from each other but conceptually, they work very good as a whole. A very beautiful album that will offer you an amazing journey. Absolutely recommended. 

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