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quinta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2014

Host "Death Will Claim These Tired Bones"

Remember this band, Host, that I've talked about here on Forever Cursed back in 2012? Probably not. But it doesn't matter now. The story goes like this,  Host hit the studio to record what could have been their first full-length but due to personal circumstances the band was dismantled shortly thereafter.

So, one of the ex-members of Host, Gabriel, decided to put the tracks up on Bandcamp available for download so that people could hear the album. Now you may notice that this isn't a free/pay what you want download. And it's meant to be this way for a very special cause.

Ana, a close friend of theirs suffers from a pancreatitis liver failure, and she needs all the help she and her family can get in order to be able to pay some serious medical treatments (read more here). All the money coming from the purchase of this download will go straight to help Ana. Just think if it was something close to you, a friend or someone from your family. It really touches me when I see specially such young people facing this kind of trouble. Every donation will be deeply appreciated for sure. It's more than a good cause, it's to help someone to get a decent and good life. Spread the word out, help Ana. Besides the sad news, Host are a killer band and you definitely need this.

Limited vinyl release coming soon on Cricket Cemetery.

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