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segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2014

NOÛS "ἀηδής"

Today I bring you the latest release from NOÛS, an australian sludge doom metal band from Melbourne. I've been following this band since I first discovered them through the "Eobiont" EP back in 2012. Through all these years, NOÛS sound suffered some kind of a mutation and it turned a very ugly, filthy and evil beast. And a very fine example of that is this latest release "ἀηδής" (that I believe it means "sickening"). This title really fits the music played here. It's beyond slow, every instruments seem to be dragged through the most filthy gutters of doom metal. A 20 minute dose of the most nihilistic and repulsive doom you will ever hear. Not an easy listening for the standard sludge/doom listener but on the other hand I'm pretty sure it will please the hardcore faction of doom lovers that, like myself, love this kind of sound. If you seek comparisons, I can think of bands like Corrupted, Whitehorse or Wreck Of The Hesperus just to name a few.

It's a one minute track where, like I said, every instrument is dragged along the 20 minute that this track lasts. At some points, the riffs are sooo)))) stretched out that we fall into a more drone context. The vocals? What can you expect here? The vocals are simply abysmal. So guttural that almost make me shit my pants. This band is on a good track, only wish they keep up like this. This release is indeed sick, sick, sick. Support these boys. Doom on!

Highly Recommended!

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