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terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2014

Qualm "Passive"

"Passive" is the full-length debut of dutch band Qualm. Qualm play this sloppy, filthy and drunken kind of punk/hardcore (can we call it mongo-core?) that will please for sure, fans of that demented faction of punk/hardcore bands like Hoax, Bleak Bulge (whom I've talked about also here on FC), Hoarders or the majority of bands featured on the Youth Attack catalog. Qualm don't follow any kind of guidelines. Expect those classic and basic punk drum beats, chomping bass lines, lots of feedback as some crude and catchy riffs from the guitars and the gnarly growls from Kevin (the mind behind Svarvit, a harsh noise/electronics project that some of you out there may know). The recording is quite good, not as harsh or inaudible unlike many other releases of gender that consist on one huge wall of feedback with a voice growling from behind. Here we can distinguish ever single instrument perfectly. "Passive" will not let you passive at all, instead it will make you want to move like a fucking mongoloid across the dance-floor, mosh or start a fight. No pain, just fun. Very cool release. You can buy tape here. Follow them on Facebook

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