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terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2014

Void Wraith "Ø"

Another cool and very worthy of your attention is this release from Seattle's Void Wraith. A brand new and unsigned act, releasing this year their first EP simply entitled "Ø". Void Wraith play a mix of black and death metal all cloaked in a very obscure kind of production. Almost as if it was recorded live in one take. And that's what I really enjoy the most here: the whole sound. Although the music isn't groundbreaking or bring anything new to what we already know, the quality tracks are quite good and acceptable. One one hand, these guys can throw some really catchy riffs while on the other they absolutely shred everything with powerful blastbeats and those vocals... really gnarly! Although at some points it seems to get a little bit muffled in the whole mix. But screw that detail. Void Wraith's sound really brings to my mind bands like Barghest or Mutillation Rites. In the end, "Ø", is a very good bestial assault performed by this new band. 

"Ø" is available as "name your price" although it's also available on cassette, just contact the band via Bandcamp or go to one of their shows if interested. Check them out.

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