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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Blut der Nacht "Sargnagel"

Portland's Blut Der Nacht latest sonic assault "Sargnagel" offers us three malevolent tracks blessed with the mark, and blood, of the Beast in each one of them. In the 10 minutes that "Sargnagel" lasts, it is clear that it's even more raw and loud than the one presented on their "Demo MMXI". Quoting the words found on Fallen Empire Bandcamp:

"With 3 songs totaling just over 10 minutes, Blut Der Nacht strips down the sound from their first demo, resulting in a recording that is even more raw and blown out. This may very well be their last recording, only time will tell for now."

It really sucks if BDN will cease their activity, since they are currently one of the solid projects on the USBM scene, although they haven't many releases out, everything that comes out of their hand is just remarkable (besides BDN, i'm speaking of Wylve and The Rain in Endless Fall for example). Rumor or not, let's wait and see what the future will bring, in the meantime you better grab this awesome release in vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl you can buy it here and if you're from Europe, you can grab this here.

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  1. Fuck yes, thanks for this! Check out the "Oxtongue" post on my blog, I really think you'd dig it. Cheers

    - Chris of Severed Heads Open Minds

    1. Hey Chris. Yeah they sent me a request as well. Great stuff.