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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Euthanizer "Permanent Damage"

Viscerally raw and brutally noisy black metal, this basically sums up Euthanizer's "Permanent Damage". In just 5 minutes, the band blasts our eardrums into blood with some corrosive low-fi black/punk metal. I love this kind of sound, i mean, it's raw to the core, evil, violent, loud but honest. The songs have a simple and basic structure where three or four notes are played repeatedly and the next song sounds just like the previous but played backwards! Euthanizer's sound is not meant to be sophisticated or beautiful. No. It's meant do be dirty, aggressive and to be played really, really loud. I believe the tape is no longer available at the "Ataque Jovem" cartel but i still believe you can buy/trade through Discogs.

Link provided from the mystical SVN OKKLT.

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