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quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

Abyss "The Reins Of Horror"

Here is another release i've been into a lot lately, canadian death metal band Abyss with their second demo entitled "The Reins Of Horror". One of the highlights of this band for me, is the fact it features among its ranks David, ex-vocals from Slaughter Strike. Slaughter Strike kicked ass and i was really bummed when they were over. So i guess Abyss comes to fill that hole. Abyss introduces some high quality death metal with a very crust punk stench all wrapped up in a very DIY ethic. "The Reins Of Horror" features nine tracks of raw, pummeling and vicious death metal. Bellow you can check out the two of Abyss demos. Don't be a douche and support these dudes. Buy the tape here.

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