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quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

Haxan's Halloween Mixtape II

Last year i did this and it was fun to do it. So i feel like it's almost becoming a tradition here in Forever Cursed and since there's plenty of death, gore and occult related music here at the Haxan's den, i decided to keep the flame alive. So here you go you maggots.

Download it. Play it loud. Fuck it... Enjoy. Track-list in the comments below.

And at least drop a fucking comment below, you dirty fat ass leeches!!

14 comentários:

  1. 01 - Dark Matter - Surgeon
    02 - Witching Curse - Cultfinder
    03 - Agalma Manteia - Wrnlrd
    04 - In Darkness Dwell - Inverted Cross
    05 - nights of horror - SATAN
    06 - Undead Creep - Undead Creep
    07 - Morbid Woods - Death Magus
    08 - The Dreams You Dread - Benediction
    09 - Chain Mutation - Fever Nest
    10 - Challenge Of The Undead - Zombie Inc.
    11 - Ghouls Are Our Tonight - Sump
    12 - Nothing Human - Altar
    13 - Doomed by the Witch - Cult of Daath
    14 - The Choir of the Dead - Blut Aus Nord
    15 - Screams From the Grave - Pustulation
    16 - Witching hour - Old One
    17 - Undead In The Darkness - Destroying Divinity
    18 - Of Decay and Shadows - Demdike Stare
    19 - Death Comes Ripping - The Misfits
    20 - Church of the Zombie - Bloodgut
    21 - Night of the Vampyre - Cape of Bats
    22 - The Dead House - Fourteen Nights At Sea

  2. Awesome idea, I've got one in the works that will be a bit late. Don't know 75% of these bands, but happy to see Misfits there and excited to find new favorites.

    You left out Frightmare!

  3. Needs more Misfits. And Dragula, lol.

    1. I was planning to put two Misfit tracks and i also looked twice at "Dragula" but then... "Naaaaaaaa....." hehehe. Thanks man

  4. Boa cena, a sacar, há aí bandas que não conheço. Gracias.

  5. Seriously loving it, nice work, thanks!! That Old One track is amazing!

    1. Old One are amazing. Love that fuzzy stuffed doom style. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!!

  6. Boa ! E com bandas francesas, héhé !

  7. Very good stuff here! Thank you kindly, sir.