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terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Ride At Dawn "Human Altars"

"Human Altars" is the first LP of Toronto's based black punk metal band Ride At Dawn. In this first full-length, Ride At Dawn presents us, i must say, a very well produced album. Distilling 10 songs of some dirty blackened punk in just 20 minutes, "Human Altars" appeared as a big surprise. I must confess it's one of the best albums in the genre i had the pleasure to hear this year. The catchy riffs of punk/hardcore layered with some dirty, raw and vicious black metal fit perfectly in this record. Great stuff. "Human Altars" cassette is available on Vomiting Leaves, version limited to 50. Buy it here. You won't regret it. Stream or download the LP below. Highly Recommended.

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