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quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

Pestkreuz "Perdition Discipline" EP

"Perdition Discipline", the  debut EP from Canada’s black metal horde Pestkreuz. Introducing four tracks, around 20 minutes in total, where they summon the ancient and demonic spirits of black metal. The ancient northern European influences are there, as well as some contemporary influences in Pestkreuz's sound. Chunks of buzzing and cutting riffs are continuously fired along "Perdition Discipline" filled with frenzy blast-beats. But there's also room for the most (un)orthodox punk faction of black metal on this release, making it one of the most interesting, solid and well achieved black metal EP's i had the pleasure to discover for this almost closing year. Satanism, Plague, Holy Death... we just can't get enough of it, right? Support the word of Horned One by achieving this EP here.

5 comentários:

  1. How can they qualify as a "horde" with 4 people...?

    1. Don't know man.. i guess it's just a matter of speech. By the way, what's the minimum of people before it can be considered as a "horde"?

    2. I'm thinking at least 50.

    3. That would make one hell of a band!