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terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2013

Chapel Of Disease "Summoning Black Gods"

Ah.. that fresh putrid scent of old school death metal.

"Summoning Black Gods" is the debut full-length of Germany's Chapel Of Disease who are willing to reanimate this old corpse of OSDM by any means. And with this album they did it rather well, by creating an energetic and extremely captivating album. "Summoning Black Gods" has that old school stench everywhere, from the sound of it, to the whole construction of the tracks, the riffs, the guitar solos, the voice, the artwork, everything. Although many people out there don't give a shit about this kind of sound anymore, i personally love it. It feels almost as entering a time capsule and travel back to my high school years. Although Chapel Of Disease are a contemporary death-metal band (they were formed back in 2008) they are these modern times revivalists, who bet on bringing back that old school sound many metal heads, like me, still love.

The formula used here, to be honest, isn't new, but Chapel Of Disease give their own sick twist to it by introducing great catchy death-metal riffs and one very visceral voice. Tracks like the opening "Summoning Black Gods", "Evocation of the Father" and "The Nameless City" are perfect hymns for this new wave of the genre that could've been easily made 20 years ago.  "Summoning Black Gods" is a vibrant and effective album that i'm sure it will please 30 and older old school death metal fans like me. Fans of early Asphyx, Death, Morgoth or even Sepultura take notice. Buy the vinyl here.

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