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quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2013

Tsarweather "Demo"

Tsarweather are a relatively young german band introducing with their first Demo two great samples of dark, crusty, violent and extremely well-played, hardcore. Delivering two short - but powerful - rounds with the tracks "Arms" and "Quartered", Tsarweather are another great example coming out of the extreme european hardcore scene. If you're into bands like Hammers, Perth Express and Alpinist then you really must not let this band pass you by. Fast, dirty and aggressive - just the way we like it. The tracks are available at Tsarweather's Bandcamp and luckily there's also a physical copy of it, i believe, still available and i gotta tell you it looks really cool. Know more by checking their Facebook page. A great Demo by a very promising band, i really loved the sound of them. Don't sleep on this one.

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