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quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2013

Lusitania "Third Cassette"

One of my latest discoveries that turned out quite addictive, was this release from Lusitania, a black metal band shrouded in mystery. The few info I've read about them is that they come from Tempe, Arizona. This release, "Third Cassette" consists of seven movements, simply entitled from "I" to "VII", where the band presents us a stripped and raw black metal sound with heavy walls of guitar distortion swirling around rough drum blasts layered with harsh vocal shrieks. In "Third Cassette", the tracks are quite consistent and interesting, and every track is more powerful and haunting than the previous one.

I'm also a little bit intrigued by the name of the band, Lusitania. Only because it's somehow related to me and where i'm from: Portugal. Lusitania was an ancient Roman province including approximately all of modern Portugal and part of modern Spain. It was named after the Lusitani or Lusitanian people (an Indo-European people). Romans first came to the territory around the mid 2nd century BC and war with Lusitanian tribes followed, from 155 to 139 BC. In 27 BC, the province was created. So i would not be surprised if there's some Lusitanian blood among the band members. Ok, so after this little History lesson, Lusitania‘s "Third Cassette" is available from Holy Page in both digital format and searing orange cassette tape (almost sold out). Very good release.

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