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quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Doth "Datura wrightii"

Another of those Tagobella releases that caught my eye was Doth's "Datura wrightii". Containing two tracks only, they were enough for me to fall into it. The initial moments of the self titled track "Datura wrightii" and the voice of Rachel Heath, almost remind me of the band False, but i think Rachel's voice is way more sick. Besides that black metal rampage and crispy vocals, Doth also bring some innovation into their sound by introducing a cello and a trumpet. The second track "Schist Crevic" is a weird atmospheric track as if someone forgot to stop the recording machine and it recorded the weird sounds in this old cabin in the woods where this Demo was recorded... at least that's what like to imagine it. Doth's sound really promising and i would love to hear more stuff from them. Keep an open mind and check them below. Great stuff.

6 comentários:

  1. never heard of this label or either of these releases, so thanks for introducing me.

  2. They need more material asap. This was really good.

  3. wow! really good stuff - hopefully there's a full length in the future!

    1. Hope someone grab them to put out more new stuff soon. That would be awesome.