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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Anicon "Demo MMXIII"

Don't get all too excited... yet. Well, i just came back from a long, well deserved vacations, away from any kind of computerized-internet-related object. Well except for my smartphone that from time to time i had to check if things were still in place. So, I was sitting here with nothing to do and i thought: "Ah.. screw it! Just a few lines.", so... let's get this done.

Some of you might already know, but some of you don't. Brooklyn's black metal band Anicon just released a three track Demo entitled "Demo MMXIII". I already took a listen to it and to a first audition i enjoyed it a lot. Really strong, captivating riffs that allied with a great vocal work, makes me almost think that this band could easily come from Norway or Finland. The tracks don't stray too much from what we've heard on their 2012's debut "Anicon" although i feel that in these new tracks, the sound is a little more raw, stripped down, unlayered... sounding exactly like what a black metal band should sound like. The band stated on their Facebook page that there's new material in the oven, which is great news. Bring it Anicon!

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