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terça-feira, 27 de agosto de 2013

No Fealty "In the Shadow of the Monolith"

No Fealty are a Copenhagen based crust/hardcore band formed by current and ex-members of Hexis & Thought Police Brutality that, as they say and I quote: "We care about fast, loud, abrasive and aggressive music, politics, DIY and nice people." So when I got the email by one of the band members, Søren, I decided to take a quick listen and after immediately recognizing the cover that shows Ruben's painting of Saturn Devouring His Son, it only took one listen to the opening track and I was instantly hooked into it. Fast, pissed as hell, abrasive and powerful hardcore fueled crust is what you get here.

"Deprivation" the opening track, is literally a hand grenade that explodes in our hands. Powerful, fast and chaotic crust bridged with some slower parts where the band uses background voice samples i guess taken from a movie although i don't know which one, but that isn't the most important here. The most important is the music, and judging by the tone of this first track, these guys aren't willing to take any prisoners. The next track, "Kadavergehorsam (Do And Die)" sounds like those classic crust tracks that brings to my mind bands like Wolfbrigade or Tragedy and is a track that could've easily been made by one of these two bands. In total "In the Shadow of the Monolith", features 12 explosive tracks that mixes perfectly the viciousness of crust with the most angry side of hardcore resulting in the most savage and violent formulas within' this genre, that you can hear this year.

You get fantastic tracks like "Strict Seawater Diet", "The Emperor Is Laughing (While You Are Making Plans)" that are some of my personal favorites here and on the other hand you get these blasting short fused tracks like "Animalism", "Iron Triangle", "Savior" and the closing "Rabies God" that are short tempered and extremely explosive creating destruction wherever they pass by. No Fealty's "In the Shadow of the Monolith" introduces great lyrics, it's extremely well played, the sound is very muscled and abrasive very well wrapped in this excellent sound production.

If you're into the kind of modern crust bands like Alpinist, Masakari and Early Graves or even if you're into the real and classic crust type bands like Wolfbrigade, Deathraid, Tragedy or His Hero Is Gone then you must, you shouldn't, let this band pass you by. If you like what you hear, the least you can do is to support these youngsters. Head over to their Store and buy some of their shit. In their Bandcamp you'll find several links to several stores, just choose the one who's closer to you. Support.

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  1. Thanks a million for the nice review and the support, it really means a lot to us!

    Jakob/No Fealty

    1. You're welcome. You guys kick ass! Wish you all the best! Cheers! H