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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Illustrations "In Vain"

Illustrations are a fresh new band coming out of San Antonio, TX. The band plays a crossover of genres that goes from hardcore to punk, from grindcore to some sludgy crust (i refuse to use the word blackened here, at this point it's more than used, right??). "In Vain" is, i guess, the debut full-length of these lads, presenting 12 tracks that will sure please the fans of the most blacken.. ops... you almost got me there. Well, if you're into bands like Carpathian, Baptists, Black Freighter just to name a few, you will get into Illustrations for sure. I really enjoyed this album and i guess it won't be long until we see Illustrations on some very well known label specialized in this kind of sound (Hello Southern Lord!). Highlights of this album? For me it's tracks like the opening "Take My Body Away ", "Never Feeling ", "Swan Song", "Leave Me" are just some of my favorite. At this point they must've run out of download credits so stream it, buy it, spread the word out, say "Hello" to them on FB.

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  1. Drinkin' coffee,listening to Porter Wagoner(check out the rubber room and the cold hard facts of life,if you like dark country.),stoked to see Forever Cursed back!!!!Pretty sure I just saw these guys open up for Wreck and Reference here in Austin, Texas. Sounded pretty good..........