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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

New Header Wanted!!

So, in order to mark this return i really thought about it and i think it's time to change the blog header. What do you guys think? Yes or No?

If you're a tattoo artist, illustrator, graphic designer and want to get your art featured here, just hit me an email to:

I could do it myself, but time isn't my friend at all and one of the bad things in my job is that you're never pleased with the final result. So if you're a fan or follower of this blog, you know the kind of stuff i dig. The whole concept must be around what i usually post here. But feel free to do whatever you want, mix some occult, esoteric stuff with boobs, i don't give a shit. In the end it has to be awesome!!


3 comentários:

  1. welcome back! I used to check the blog everyday in the hope that you changed your mind and glad to see you did. :)

  2. The old header is killer but with a new start a new logo makes sense.

  3. I reckon the blog looks good, it's good content that matters anyway and what makes this one of my favourite blogs, however I'd recommend Christophe Szpajdel