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sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

Altarnihil "Terminal" Demo

Altarnihil are a two-piece depressive black metal band from Iowa presenting their first demo entitled "Terminal" which features four tracks of some of the most raw, low-fi, ugly and cold black metal made. The recording presented here in this demo is very, very raw. Almost if it was recorded live in some deep dark basement and recorded by some old tape recorder that only gives Altarnihil's sound an even more despicable character. The tracks on "Terminal" demo are very minimalist, stripped down of any kind of ambition. The track "Eternal Suspension" is clearly my favorite, it's crosses the borders of raw black metal and steps into a more drone/doom territory making this track one of the most haunting tracks presented here. If you're into the kind of black metal that is totally devoid of any type of emotion, then I would suggest you this band. You can grab it for free on the band's Bandcamp, check out the link below.

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