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quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Monomakh "MMXII"

One of my latest finds is this band, Monomakh. There isn't much info about them floating around and all i know is that these dudes come from Australia and they play this down-tuned, sick, obscure and suffocating death metal. For you to get an idea, while listening to their Demo "MMXII" names like Portal, Antediluvian, Akem Manah ran across my mind. It's twisted, vile, primitive and chaotic. All adjectives we appreciate when it comes to death metal. Besides the most dark and obscure side of death metal, they also blend some black metal into their sound giving it a more hallucinatory side. Enough talking, just head over their Bandcamp and listen for yourself. Judging by this three-track sample i can tell that another beast is emerging from the land down under.

Edit: Since bandcamp only allows 200 downloads per month and it has been lately exceeded. The band kindly sent me an alternative link, has the same files from the bandcamp in 320kps. Grab it here.

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  1. I listened to it for about 5 seconds before I clicked that download link.

  2. Hello, this is Cale from Monomakh. I send you an email regarding this issue. Firstly, thanks for posting my band here. I really appreciate it. Secondly, the download credits on bandcamp are running low, and people will not be able to download soon. I have uploaded the demo in 320kbs to depositfiles, and would appreciate it if you could list this also. Thanks.

  3. Available on cassette November 2012 from Rising Beast Recordings:

  4. Awesome job Cale..Thanks!!