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sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

Loss Of Self "Demo"

Loss Of Self is a band based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed by Rohan and Jacob, Loss Of Self can be described as an avant-garde black metal act with some post punk influences although they claim, and it's pretty obvious, the influence from contemporary bands as well. Recorded on the 23rd of July of this year, the Demo features three tracks in a total of almost nine minutes. The three tracks on this demo sway between a more scathing black metal with some melancholic sections and some post punk hints without becoming too sappy, that end up by sounding something quite interesting. The sound recording is pretty good, we can distinguish all the instruments perfectly, although the result isn't astonishing, it's quite polished keeping the heaviness in its core and very well executed leaving in me the desire to hear more. That's the only negative aspect i find on L.O.S demo, the short amount of tracks, but in time i'm sure the band will have more outbursts of creativity, which is something that they don't lack of. 

Besides what's inside there was also an extra care with the aesthetics, result of Jacob work as a painter/illustrator, whose work i must confess is excellent, check for yourself on his website. Released in 49 copies, the first 9 demos have a unique physical package that were completely hand-made with gold ink screen-printed finishing on black card. Numbered and also includes a track list along with credits inside. The remaining 40 are hand-finished a little differently but nonetheless they're still a very interesting piece to own. Preview the demo on the band's Bandcamp and follow their moves on Facebook. The download link was given by the band which i really appreciate.

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  1. Rohan from Extortion? Pretty cool if so.

    1. Have no idea man. Either if he is or not, to me it doesn't make any difference.