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domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Samothrace "Reverence to Stone"

And now i present you another contender for the best albums of the year: New Samothrace. 

With "Reverence to Stone", Samothrace bring the slow, thunderous, crushing riffage, with emphasis on crushing. This 35-minute LP is heavier, louder, and more intense than "Life's Trade" and retains the infectious melodies and solos that made the debut so impossible to deny. The tones here are majestic and melancholic, as all doom should be, but these guys really, really do it well. The slow-motion riffs and agonized vocals seem to come in waves, and threaten to overtake you if you're not especially careful. 
But you're probably best-served to let you guard down and really let the record was over you with it's resplendent, graceful tides of misery. Because the emotion and power of this record is really the key. It's heartbreaking and tragic, yet in the end sacrifices none of the despondent beauty that characterizes the band's sound. 

source: HSS

Just go listen to one of the best releases for the year. It's fucking beautiful. Buy this!

3 comentários:

  1. great album, simply adore this kind of sound.

  2. You are absolutely right. This album is a blast. I´m listening to it over and over again for the last two days (since I downloaded it) and it is perfect. I´m so fucking happy to hear something that powerful and so TRUE. I don´t know how to explain it but I know this album is about something they have lived through. I can feel it. And I love when music tells the story.

  3. Muchos Gracias. Gonna get to see them live in 2 weeks.