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sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Impia "Our Failures Become Us

Impia are a 3 piece Drone/Doom band based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. After over a year since their first release, they have just put out a second EP entitled "Our Failures Become Us", over 30 minutes of devastatingly crushing doom metal.

This album was forged in fires of ever-burning regret and cooled in waters of deep seated anquish. Feelings of overwhelming disgust for self and species fuels this lethargic, ongoing movement towards extinction. Reflecting the carnage that rages inside and out of everything breathing and that will eventually consume us all.

As a DIY release "Our Failures Become Us" presents some quality above the average. Impia's sound is murky and dreary drawing us images of desolation, emptiness and negativity. The opening track "Broken and Disgraced" speaks for itself, just read again the title. A journey of approximately thirteen minutes through a field filled with riffs that almost graze the edge of drone while the drum sets the pace through this desolate field of negative doom. "Abysmal Swell of Self Degredation" continues to follow the same trail left by the previous track. Extended riffs obscured by some noise in the background, whose job is to create a denser atmosphere, continue to punish us along another thirteen minutes. But from there on, right on the middle of the track, it develops and gives space to some more dynamic riffs in the vein of bands like Bongripper or even Pelican. The third and last track "Consumed Pt. 1" unveils an environment laden with grief and so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife. Once again we are struck with merciless riffs that corrupt and consume our soul. The fact of Impia not having vocals makes us focus more on the music itself. Every note, every riff, every beat is thoroughly dissected by our ears, making this unholy message of doom grow in us in a much more objective way.

Overall, Impia brings us a fine sample of a well-executed sludge/drone/doom piece. Their sound shows some character and power but i strongly believe that they can do much more than this. I would like to hear more of this young band, but for now I'll have to content myself with this record. As DIY artists I'm not gonna put a download link this time (sorry). It's merely 5$. Feel free to contact them here if you would like a physical release.

Check these guys out and support them the best way you can. Recommended for fans of Bongripper, Monno and other brutal instrumental doom acts.

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