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segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Outer Gods "The Mountains Den" Demo

The duo Outer Gods, formed by The Flail and The Wrathe,  come from Atlanta and "The Mountains Den" is their first Demo, introducing two tracks of atmospheric drone noise. When it comes to this genre you either accept it, embracing it while diving into this abyss of never ending riff, or you simply just deny. There's no middle ground in this genre. People usually avoid this because they thing it's boring, repetitive, etc... What's so good about a 10 minute track that consists in only one never ending scabrous riff? It exists merely for one reason: to separate the "wheat from the chaff".

And while i listened to this Demo i kinda felt that. I mean, i know many bands/acts that sound like this and the first impression i got automatically as i heard "The Mountains Den" was precisely that: "Ok, here we go. Another Sunn O))) clone..." But the more i  drowned in those repetitive waves of noise, the more i felt that this project had a soul of it's own. It's true and an undeniable fact that drone tracks like this don't owe much to rhythm and evolution. But instead they lead us into this state of psychedelic trance, never knowing what might be next.

The track "The Mountains Den" takes us into this deep sense of numbness as it grows more and more near the end and then it vanishes without a trace. It feels almost as a sentiment. It could be Anger, Fear, whatever... something that grows suddenly within you for at least 10 minutes. The second track "Tir na Bas" dwells into more atmospheric environment, beginning with screams of pain.. or pleasure. It seems taken out from a dark horror movie where the characters are performing some kind of occult ritual. That's the power of this genre. It allows us to create these cinematic scenarios in our mind. You feel like giving a try, head straight to the Outer Gods Bandcamp and grab this one, and while you're at, check also The Wrathe's ambient sideproject, Sareth Den. Not recommended for those weak at head.

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