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terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Sorrows/Graad "Split"

Today I bring you a split release between U.S atmospheric black metal band Sorrows and Italy's Graad. Basically each band presents us with a unique theme that make up this beautiful split. Sorrows track "Bruja",  starts with some notes throbbing slowly until, without any warning, darkness falls upon us involving ourselves completely with a voice that lacerates through a very raw and aggressive record, interlaced by some melodic instrumental sections. In the end it turns out to be a pretty good track that will delight any fan of the cascadian or any other atmospheric genre.

"Mephestora", the track of the unknown Graad, shows us a brilliant instrumental track. The riffs, clearly belonging to the black metal circle, draws us contours to a atmospheric spiral that unfolds through dramatic doom riffs with a very atmospheric appendix attached to it. A track that I especially enjoyed, due to the epic and dramatic shapes around it. Each track serves as a excellent welcome-card for those who are not familiar with both bands featured on this split release.

I must say that the choice for that artwork was very good as well, almost if it was taken from a Méliès erotic dream. Amazing.

A very good split tape you can buy here. Thanks to both bands for this amazing offer.

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