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sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2012

Galaxicon "Old Gods"

It's time for me to put some requests to date...

Galaxicon are a progressive post-metal sludge band from Memphis that consists of three guys, a wall of amps, and a desire to be something more than just "heavy." In their musical influences they quote well known names like Neurosis, YOB, Woe and Cursed. "Old Gods" is their debut album, i've stumbled across this band on one of my incursions through Bandcamp and to be honest, i really enjoyed what i heard. So when i got this email from one of the members of the band i really couldn't say "No". 

Blending a variety of styles into "Old Gods" (please notice the lovecraftian devotion there) is the formula for the success of this album. The main ingredient is definitely that sludgy post metal presented here on a very polished and pleasant record. But throw into that cauldron some hints of black metal, doom, punk and the result is something fresh here. Not another generic post-metal album for your ears.. they really appreciate that.

"Serpent Savior", the opening track, is the main appetizer for what we're about to witness. The sound here is very clear and polished like i said, due to the careful production of this record. Each instrument is quite noticeable and they really function very well as a whole, never outshining one another. Another thing i really enjoy on this record is the constant duality of voices, very much à la Battlefields. The voice can be guttural and brutal as it can be harsh and dry, pretty much the black metal way. "Rapture of the Deep" introduces itself as being a more mellow, dramatically heavy track while "Pyramid of the Sea" (to me it's one of the best tracks here) unleashes all of its fury into a more punk/hardcore vibe filled with really heavy sections and then you get tracks like "Snake Oil", "The Key, the Gate, the Light" and the closing "Innkeeper" that continue that legacy left from the other previous tracks.

With "Old Gods" Galaxicon presents us a very solid, well written, powerful album which is impossible to remain indifferent. An album that sounds better and better in every audition we take from it. Check out "Old Gods"  featured on the band's Bandcamp and take your own conclusions.

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