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quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Tukaaria "Raw to the Rapine"

I've been into this a lot lately, and the more i hear it, the more it grows on me. For the first time ever on CD format, the vicious mind-bending black metal psychosis from mysterious California enigma Tukaaria is finally available. With material only available on limited cassette format, realized by the Rhinocervs horde, this CD version of “Raw To The Rapine” (re-mastered by Colin Marston, giving the Tukaaria material the best sound quality this demented form of black metal has ever seen) is presented in a lavishly designed DVD-sized digipack that comes with a 4-panel insert and is limited to barely 500 units.

Filled with hypnotic riffs and a ghostly voice, Tukaaria presents us with some serious disturbed, psychotic and haunting visions, charged with some thick blackness that penetrates deep into our bones. It's the rawness that lie on the core of Tukaaria's music that makes this album a real gem in the USBM scene.

Beside the tracks found on  “Raw To The Rapine” tape, it also features the Tukaaria material found on the awesome split with Odz Manouk and the material found on the split with Black Twilight Circle horde Volahn. This is some of the most intriguing and fascinating black metal of our time and a superb piece of the best USBM ever made so be sure to grab it here. Recommended!

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  1. Thanks! Excellent release! Do you have the Odz Manouk 2012 comp? I've been looking for it...

    1. The Odz Manouk compilation you're talking in kinda like this release right? Features material from the Tukaaria split and the Self Titled.

      I don't have that compilation although i have all of their themes.