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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Krallice "Years Past Matter"

"Years Past Matter" marks the return of N.Y avant-garde black metal masters, Krallice. It's their fourth album of originals five years since the awesome self titled "Krallice", "Dimensional Bleedthrough" was also good (but not as good as their first child) and "Diotima"... i don't want to talk about it. So, i was really anxious to hear "Years Past Matter" to see to what paths they had gone this time. I really wanted to be surprised by the band this time as they did on "Krallice". I didn't want to lose my hope on Krallice right after that release from last year.

So as the first notes started to emerge i felt in my guts that something very good was coming this time.

As the guitars echo in the distance, furious blast beats are unleashed and paused while Marston and Barr do their best, releasing into the air geometrically complex and spontaneous riffs creating this daedal web of black metal that only Krallice manages to weave. The core, that make up this unrestrained spiral of experimental black metal, is mostly compost of unforeseen segments that arise constantly riff after riff, beat after beat. We never know what will be next. And this is one of the main factors that takes me to listen to this album over and over and over, discovering new treasures in every track, or just checking if i didn't missed something really special.

There are no track names in this wonderful piece. The six tracks on "Years Past Matter" simply share the same gene that starts with "IIIIIII". The voices of Nicholas McMaster and Mick Barr lose, at some points, part of role in this album, letting the music speak for itself, never downgrading. Always pushing forward, jumping over and over into experimental territories creating creative spaces that sound always under control. A total delirium for the ears that lasts exactly one hour. With this, Krallice, make their point why they are one of the best names in the actual USBM scene, "Years Past Matter" is an amazingly creative album. This band keeps on pushing the boundaries of black metal as we know it, making certainly this release one of those timeless albums people will still talk about years from now.

If you, like me, feel attracted to all that is strangely captivating sonically, I invite you to explore this amazing album. Certainly one of the better releases of band and certainly an album that will be part of many year-end lists. Buy it here.

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