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quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

The Ash Eaters "Ibn Ghazi" & "Ruining You"

The Ash Eaters, the twisted black metal act orchestrated by ex-Brown Jenkins member Umesh Amtey are back this time with two releases in a very short time. As i read U's email announcing new material i immediately knew that something very wicked was coming  this way. "Ibn Ghazi" EP features two tracks, "He Who Engenders An Evil Deed" and "These Are The Inhabitants Of The Fire". For those familiar to this band, you can expect more of that deranged, bitterly dissonant, experimental black metal. Legacy left by the ashes of the deceased Brown Jenkins. As usual, there aren't any vocals on the tracks, and no need to because that sinister cacophony is enough to drive you insane. 

On the brand new "Ruining You" LP the ambition is greater. The Ash Eaters basically grab your sweet, happy and pinky dreams and shatters them into ashes. Judging by the cover artwork and as i hear the opening track "Lightning Strike" my imagination immediately begins to travel through these deep and dark underground tunnels that lead to some kind of a grotesque and surreal Alice in Wonderland scenario, where creepy, sharp riffs lurk on every corner, every hole. The effect of the music of Ash Eaters works in us as ether anesthetizing us from this physical world we live in, leaving us traveling thru this this sonic nightmare maze for almost 40 minutes. Pass by thru their Bandcamp to find out more. Ash to ash...

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  1. Great blog. Where is the top picture in the header from? Would like to see the whole ting

    1. Thanks. I got that image from a random Google images research based on "screams of horror" criteria or something like that.