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segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Forks of Ivory "The Isolator" EP

Forks of Ivory are a two-piece band from Johnson City, Tennessee drawing influence from all types of music, from sludge to black metal passing through post metal and doom. I've heard this band since their self titled from last year and i really remember enjoying what i heard back then. I felt that this band was really on to something. With "The Isolator" EP my expectations were indeed overcome. I enjoyed this so much that the only negative aspect i can point towards it is the short amount of tracks. Damn you Forks Of Ivory, if you could've only worked on a few more, it would probably hit my Best Of 2012 List. 

To begin with, the sound production on "The Isolator" is awesome. Very clean and sharp. The sound is heavy almost sucking every bit of air in every room where it's played. Featuring three tracks, the instrumental intro "Captured", which seduces us with its very dreamy atmosphere right before this mountain of riff known as "Sentenced" crumbles upon us. Thunderous riffs open way as the drum hits like a sledgehammer right in our eardrums. From there on, this 11 minute tracks dwells into sludge, black metal lined with atmospheric contours before closing in into a whirl of deafening wall of noise. "Condemned", simply takes no prisoners nor have pity and drag us to the scaffold without pity or the slight hint of mercy. This track is charged with an inherent evil which we can feel in the vocal work presented here. Almost as if they were possessed by any and all existing evil on this planet. 

With "The Isolator", Forks of Ivory, have really hit the nail and i just finished listening to this begging for more! A remarkable and heavy as hell release for this year. I just pray that these guys maintain this line up and carry on like this, if so, i'm pretty sure they will go far in the blackened sludge scene. So please Forks Of Ivory, bring on a full-length soon! The band is giving this great EP for free on their Bandcamp, so follow the link below so, play it loud and bang your fucking head to this!!

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