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quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

Esoterica "Knell" EP

I was caught by surprise with this new EP from Esoterica who've I talked about some time ago here on Forever Cursed and how I was blown away with their fantastic debut EP "Idololatriae". This time they bring "Knell", an EP featuring three tracks only, if it's short in quantity sure is not in quality. "Knell" is a little different from "Idololatriae", it's more focused on the atmosphere itself than simply turn us into ashes through a devastating barrage of tremolo picking and blast-beats.

But don't get me wrong, Esoterica didn't turn out into some depressive or mellow dramatic black metal act. The aggression is still there, in its cold and evil core. It starts with "Elixir and Aer", a track that starts by wrapping us slowly with soft melancholic and atmospheric tones that are suddenly corrupted by the somber voice of Esoterica. This track really has that mourning tone that crawls and gets deep into our skin causing us to lose all the conviction we may have in life. It just draws our defenses as we are swept away by this black tide. But before we realize what is going on emotionally inside us, a stinking sulphur stench invades our nostrils with the title track "Knell" and the amazing "IV/Ayahuasca", a twisted behemoth track with 18 minutes long.

Preview it here or download it below through the link given by the band. Enjoy one of the most awesome BM acts coming out of the North American scene today. Fans of the sickest BM factions like B.A.N and Deathspell Omega come closer...

3 comentários:

  1. great find, thanks! Have you heard the new Vemod? it's amazing.

  2. Languor into Echoes, Beyond was awesome, i loved chaos moon..but i'll take this band, it's just as good.

  3. Listening to the second track now. Pretty decent. Downloading as we speak.